Hello, I’m Barbara, the founder of Homeroom At Home. Here’s a little about me and a little more about H@H.

When my son was much smaller (he’s an adult now) we spent many afternoons exploring local museums, natural parks, and zoos. I paid attention to the things he was interested in (US presidents and alligators, by example) and we would find ways to learn more together. My interest was sparked in these topics and in expanding his education horizon. This was the seed of H@H, although it wasn’t until many years later that the pieces fell into place to support other parents in enhancing their children’s academic paths. It has been an incredible experience and personal joy.

As for me, I enjoy traveling with my family… taking that curiosity on the road. Of course then, it is no surprise that I like to photograph and scrapbook those memories. With my husband, we delight in wine tasting, delicate chocolate, and quiet county roads. My children are a huge inspiration and together we explore the artistic world of poetry, performing arts, music and fine art… and we certainly love our family game nights!



Regardless of your political affiliations, your education status and how many children you have, Education in America has been a huge ongoing national conversation.  Homeroom At Home is a reminder of the little or not so little things we can do for our children and with our children to enhance their preadolescent learning experience, regardless where the national education conversation is headed.  As parents we are teachers; as parents we are our children’s primary source for encouragement, influence and inspiration.  Homeroom At Home was founded on the principle of empowering parents to embrace their role as inspiring, sincere and influential educators.

It is our dream that dinnertime, bedtime, bath time, playtime and tv time double as learning opportunities.  We encourage parents to “own” all those moments and the little moments in between.