Figure It

Review By Barbara Spalding

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Game At A Glance

Age: 6+

Players:  2-5

Play Time: 15 mins

Complexity:  low

Objective Per Game Manufucture:

Deduce your numbered tiles first to win! Each player is assigned numbered tiles that they cannot see but are visible to all other players. On your turn, call out a number you think is part of your set to break your secret code! Use your deduction skills in this captivating game for the whole family! Can you crack your secret code?

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Family Scholastic Adventures Rating

Educational Value (Per Target Age): 

Fun/Sustaining Interest: ✭✭✭

Ease of Learning the Game: ✭✭✭✭✭

Easy Set Up/Clean Up: ✭✭✭✭✭

Game Design: ✭✭✭✭

Replayability: ✭✭

Artistic Design

Educational Elements:

✭ Facts & Trivia

✭ Critical Thinking

 Mathmatical Concepts

✭ Science/Physics Concepts

✭ Reading/Comprehension/Spelling

✭ Historical Theme or Concept

✭ Art/Culture

Game Categories:


Ο Cooperative


Ο Single Player

Ο Two Player Only

Ο Campaign/Legacy

Ο Single Use (Disposable)


Ο Push Your Luck

Ο Expansion/Expandable

Ο Deck Building 

Ο Area Control


Ο Character Building/Roll Playing



Ο Cards

Ο Dice

Ο Strategic/Critical Thinking

Ο Roll & Move/Adventure

Ο Electronic/Tech Interactive

Figure It is one of those games that falls middle-of-the-road. While overly complex games can collect dust, this game is easy to set up and dive in. The concept is simple enough in that you are guessing, almost “Go Fish” style your secret number code from the from the displayed tiles in the center area. In my opinion, it feels more like a guessing games than a strategic crack the code game. 

Had the game design included an element of sequence, meaning guessing the number and order of your secret code, I think the game would be significantly more interesting and challenging. 

As is, this game will be an easy family option but may just as easily be overlooked on the shelf.