Be greeted by a GIANT Brachiosaurus at the Franklin Institute’s Jurassic World Dinosaur exhibit. Children and adults alike are fascinated by the prehistoric world of dinosaurs.  The life-like realistic features are hard not to take in… and take you back in time.

Based on the blockbuster film, Jurassic World, this exhibition features some of the most well known and terrifying dinosaurs of days long gone, in a story setting of bringing these creatures to life again. The exhibition includes the lab, featuring eggs and newly born dinosaurs, as well as the DNA extraction to “make it all possible”. An animetronic Apachyahinosarus family awaits around the corner. Visit the caged Tyrannosaurus Rex getting eerily close to those teeth. Her growl compares to no other.

The Franklin Institute has plenty of hands-on displays in the Jurassic World exhibit stimulating our senses and enabling a completely immersed experience. This is surely a memorable experience to be talked about at the dinner table for many nights and weeks to come. Take advantage of the various educational toys, projects and resources to continue the discussion and keep the family engaged in this most curious time of history.

The Franklin Institute offers the Jurassic World:The Exhibition Mobile Guide with additional facts and video content to enhance your experience. Consider the VIP experience to include a souvenir photo. The exhibition ends April 23rd, so hurry for this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience “the closest you will ever come to living dinosaurs” (