WXPN hosted the Kid’s Corner Music Festival on March 10th in Philadelphia. My nephew joined my daughter, husband and I…and oh boy did we have a good time. As quests to this event, we were very excited to see what all the buzz was about. As soon as we entered the Union Transfer building there was so much energy! We quickly established ourselves and headed for the concert floor where Rolie Polie Guacamole was playing. My daughter jumped in with both feet and started dancing with no warm-up. Rolie Polie Guacamole was a very lively group and showcased nicely on the colorful and risen stage at the Union Transfer. We enjoyed songs like “This Land is Your Land” and our favorite from this kid’s group: “Upside Down”. Be sure to visit there site at www.roliepolieguacamole.com for info on the band, purchasing music via iTunes and upcoming shows. Speaking of which they will return to our area Saturday, March 31st in Wilmington, Delaware at the World Cafe Live @ The Queen!! Grab your tickets.

       Warming up to the crowd and band

Between acts families were getting a bite to eat, visiting the balloon man for creative balloon designs or taking advantage of the crafting tables for the children. My nephew was excited to make a bookmark with stamp art. They had several art and craft project tables each with staff/volunteers to help the children with their artwork. Although it may be difficult to talk over the bands, much less keep up with all of the excitement, you might want to take advantage of meal time or the car ride home, to point out such things as number of band members, how many instruments they each played, what instruments were used/liked and so on. This is such a great teaching tool being a hands-on experience for music. With my two in attendance being tots we didn’t discuss much as we focused mostly on finding the potty and not wandering off… but for school-aged kids, please take full advantage (and take many pictures!).


The second children’s band was our dancing favorite! The Fuzzy Lemons were a terrifically loud and energetic ROCK band and had us moving the entire time. We jumped and bopped to “Skunks In My Shoes”, “Yes You Can” and “Jump Wiggle and Shake”. And then of course my daughter’s (ok, ok, mine too) favorite song of theirs “Girls Rock”! Here’s their website to purchase music, arrange for a private party or see what else they have going on: www.thefuzzylemons.com.

The Fuzzy Lemons

We grabbed a quick bite ourselves and then headed back to the main floor for more dancing action. By this time, the crowd wasn’t as full… so we got close up spots near the stage… and good thing too because that’s where all the action was!!  We kicked up our dancing shoes to Roy Handy and The Moonshot children’s rock -n-roll group. This group engaged the audience with story and background info before starting each song. A couple of the songs we like from this band include “I Am A Dog”, “I’m A Vampire” and “Shopping List”. Our favorite song of the day was from Roy Handy and The Moonshot titled “Socks Are Overrated!” Be sure to check them out at www.royhandyandthemoonshot.com.


Dancing our little hearts out.


Many thanks to WXPN and Kid’s Corner for sponsoring our attendance and providing us with such an awesome afternoon of singing/dancing fun. The thoughts, experiences and opinions expressed here are my own. I was not compensated for this review.