As parents our lives are torn in many directions, especially as some of us are returning to school, starting businesses, having another child, moving, touring colleges, caring for elders and the list could just go on forever. So how does one go about staying on top of it all? And how are we going to continue to engage our child’s educational needs while holding down the fort? Just how do we think we’re going to get more organized? Integration and accessibility are key in my opinion. A solution that takes into consideration our busy lives and incorporates our existing tools like Linked-In and Facebook, as examples. Often we might feel organized but inevitably comes the too-frequent moments when we need something and can’t get our hands on it. For me, it happens quite often surrounding my family’s medical needs – new patient forms asking about family history, daycare application asking for immunization records, registration forms listing prescriptions (especially since I can’t pronounce a single one), and so on.

Alas, I have found a solution: AboutOne

This online organizer is a creative solution for managing the household. That’s right: the HOUSEHOLD, not just the calendar of events, address book, or list of car pool folks. And of course there are other calendars and organizing tools out their, but is integrated, secured and very accessible. Click below to view a cute video demonstrating the capabilities of AboutOne.

Clever right? And it is oh so true of the many hats we wear. Heres another great example of how this online organizer can save your sanity… serial numbers, model numbers, etc on all your electronics. Especially those that are tucked into the nooks of our houses, whereby making it extremely inconvenient to pull out, flip over and decipher the bar-code information. Life is so much easier when this data is stored as new electronics are introduced (or replacing others) in our homes. Then when warranties are up for renewal or service repairs required – BANG, you got the info they need at your finger tips. PS – similar concept for antiques, jewelry and collectibles to keep record of date of purchase, appraisal info, and keeping track of preventative maintenance, warranty requirements, spare part info, certificate numbers, and more.

Now I’ve only just begun using this online organizer, and must confess to the mountains of disorganized heaps that await “a slow day” as an entrepreneur, (haha) but here are some additional ways I’m excited to put this puppy into play:

  • Car maintenance – you know the regular stuff your supposed to think of every so many miles or months
  • DMV email reminders – oh boy, you know you look forward to it too!!
  • Changing the smoke detectors, schedule chimney cleaning, & changing water filters
  • Running a credit report
  • Education records – as we’ll soon be into the college application phase of my son’s world
  • Family newsletter highlighting our year with photos and video options

Of course that’s just off the top of my head (or top of the pile, I should say).

One of the keys to folding in Homeroom At Home’s lesson plans is to get the rest of the household underway and well organized. This way, you have less stress over a missing document, grocery lists at hand, and apps reminding you of upcoming to-do’s… all allowing you to focus on your chosen theme by planning that super awesome trip or gathering supplies for a craft, checking materials out at the library and getting excited for another Homeroom At Home suggested topic.  Be sure to check out our website at for Math, English, History, Science, Art and Music subjects.

To quote AboutOne’s press kit, “The AboutOne stream is a private timeline of events, recorded as life unfolds.” This tool allows information to be collected as circumstances unfold; receipts, doctor visits, special family events, etc and affords the opportunity to access, share, edit, and expand super easily. I couldn’t be more excited for AboutOne’s family organizing tool and can’t wait to see the additions as they expand their platform. For more information, please visit their website at

I was compensated by AboutOne to review their online organizer. All opinions and text are my own.