Our mission started many years ago with the idea to introduce my five-year-old to fine art. He had an interest in US history, so I found ways to combine his curiosity with my desire to teach him some art appreciation. Of course, the idea grew from there and the seedling of Homeroom At Home was planted.

Many years later, as I continue to expand on this concept I’m overjoyed with the varying resources available to parents wanting to introduce fine arts to their children. One vibrant example is Hope Harris’ Picasso, That’s Who! (And So Can You!) album, where eleven tracks keep kids entertained and curious about art and famous artists. Simply ingenious!

From Drop Box

You’ll find excellent dance rhythms and meaningful lyrics to engage and teach children. The title track is a favorite with its Spanish tone and emphasis on art being a true means of expression with lyrics such as “He painted his own way. Didn’t care what they might say. He painted from his heart. Making magic through his art.” A piece worthy of being named the cover. Find a clever Picasso online activity here for the kids.

Ms. Harris delivers a diversified collection of music and artistic focus. Artists include Georgia O’Keeffe, Romare Bearden, Jackson Pollock and Claude Monet among others. Each song will peak the curiosity of children and as such I’ve included some additional links to assist parents with introducing these artists and their famous works of art to kids. I particularly like the interactive site on Matisse and the cross-word puzzle for Grandma Moses.

As far as my favorites here, boy it’s hard to say but I love the soft flow of song 10: “Impression, Monet” and I particularly enjoyed “A-C-T-I-O-N” (track one) and just HAD to look up Jackson Pollock with the idea of “drip it, drizzle, flick it all the time”. Her song titled “Grandma Moses” was interesting in that at such a late age Grandma Moses just started painting, again Ms. Hope inspires with such an encouraging piece. Her eighth song introduced me to Romare Bearden and his unique collage technique. I love the song and this artist. From track to track you can’t go wrong and the diversity in artists Hope features is refreshing.

Sweet and simple, every child should hear “Paint a Picture, Too” encouraging them to try something new and believe in their talents. And in Hope’s words, “With Picasso, that’s Who! (And So Can You!) my goal is to spark curiosity and inspire creativity. I want kids to look at the world around them, be motivated to visit art galleries and museums, and to realize that artists are everywhere, making all kinds of art. I’d like to say to every child who hears this music, ‘Now it’s your turn…paint it, glue it, draw it, mix it, try it! All the artists on this albums did, and you can, too! It doesn’t have to be perfect. Use your imagination and have some fun.’”

Picasso That’s Who (ANd So Can You!) can be purchased via Amazon or downloaded via iTunes.