Our Blue Moon Journey Continues…

With the second full moon this month coming soon… we’ve been celebrating and focusing on our Moon all month long. We’ll admit that we’ve not made it outside every night and a few of the nights were too cloudy to catch the Moon, but those nights we had been successful – were well worth waiting for. Although my little one is only a toddler, we explore the moon and its phases – of course not in too much depth but at least more than “the moon is made of cheese”. I figure if she’s that interested and patient I might as well squeeze in a couple of fact here and there and eventually she’ll remember something factual about her precious obsession. That’s not to say we don’t enjoy all the fictional tales and children’s book for her age too. And a quick trip to the library provided us with plenty.

Crescent Moon CraftSo what have we been up to so far this month? Well, to the right you’ll find a simple craft we did using a black paper plate and silver glitter glue.  The best part is the visual effect if you shine a filtered flashlight over it in a dark room. My daughter really liked this effect. Throughout our journey, I highlighted the different phases of the moon as I could – and this was a perfect little exercise.  You can find more pictures of crafts and such on our Homeroom At Home facebook page.

We love dancing as much as crafts in our house, so of course we had to find some fitting music. Recess Monkey has a whole CD of outer space fun on their album “The Final Funktier”* but we were sure to play “Moon Boots” over and over again. You can enjoy it here from YouTube but we recommend the entire album. We also found some other goodies online to dance to and our favorite was “Phases Of The Moon”.

Reflecting Moon Screensaver

Via and I searched for online fun having to do with the Moon. Together we solved puzzles and shared some videos. An awesome website for this is www.neoK12.com. Here’s one of the puzzleswe completed together online. She and I also searched for pictures of the Moon and a new screensaver. Here’s a picture of the screensaver we finally agreed on. She likes the reflection of the moon; I like the animated bird.

We ended up doing more online with pictures and games, than making crafts this month. It was still a very cool celebration. We also read many books about the moon. Here were some of our favorites so far:

Here In Space

The Moon And You

Goodnight Moon

Kittens First Full Moon

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Here’s to our continued “Once in a Blue Moon Journey”!

Be sure to check out the “Blue” Full Moon on August 31st. PS – it’s not actually blue although we did have an orange moon earlier in the month. And for more information on our solar system, check out our main Homeroom At Home site by clicking here.

(Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post.  *I received a complementary copy of Recess Monkey’s album for review.  All of the opinions stated here are strictly my own.)