What takes your breathe away? What distracts you in mid-sentence? For my daughter it’s anything in the sky. Yup, anything. She spots birds, clouds, planes but the most fascinating thing to her is the moon. If the moon is out – day or night, she’s found it. Sometimes driving down I-95 I’ll hear a squeal – “MOOOOOOON, Mommy!” What a beautiful sound and of course what a wonderful sight our moon is at any phase.

To embrace her fascination and curiosity, August starts the beginning of our month long journey with Earth’s moon. And it couldn’t get better with a special Blue Moon month. We are fortunate to START and END our journey with two full moons. This only happens every couple of years… 2.66 years to be exact.  The second full moon of the month gets the actual title of a “Blue Moon”.

So with this being the first of August, we’ll experience a full moon tonight. Then throughout the month we’ll follow the moon, read about our moon and create a variety of artwork around the moon… only to end our journey with a second full moon on August 31st.

Below is a picture Via took just a couple days ago. We hope to capture more cool shots of the night sky this month, as well as capture our adventures through crafts and artwork.

Here’s to our “Once in a Blue Moon Journey”.

Moon July 30, 2012