Mastering The Mommy Track: Juggling Career and Kids In Uncertain Times by Erin Flynn Jay

As a mother, wife, author and professional, Erin Flynn Jay know the inside track in scrambling toward balance.  And perhaps you can relate where I have definitely found myself securely fastened to that roller coaster ride too – you know the one that asks “What’s for dinner?” with one hand digging for that one and only pen at the bottom of your purse, while checking voicemail on the house line and yelling “Be right there!” to the one in the other room, while keeping an eye on the clock for pick-ups and scrolling through yet more unopened work email via the lovely smarty-pants technology your employer considers a “perk”.  Any wonder why we don’t give much thought to date night? And for the life of me, I can’t remember the last time I curled my hair, got a manicure or made homemade chocolate chip cookies.  I know – I know, this is the life I chose – what did I expect, right?

And while off-hour email is important and in some case part of the job, so is soccer or staying up on current events.  Often times we find ourselves stuck in routine which includes housework and homework and professional work but life doesn’t have to become stale or exhaustively unbalanced and here to help you put solutions on the table in addition to tonight’s meal is Erin Flynn Jay.  Erin is a writer and publicity expert. Since 2001, she has been promoting authors of new books and small businesses in all industries. Erin has expertise in successfully obtaining print, online and broadcast media placements for experts and authors.   Her articles have appeared in diverse publications including, MSN Careers, Brandweek, Costco Connection, Opportunity World, Sales and Marketing Excellence, The New York Enterprise Report and Wealth Manager.  In her book Mastering the Mommy Track, Erin tackles mom issues chapter by chapter to include health, finances and communication.  And while Homeroom At Home encourages you to find teachable moments in the everyday things like having your son read the news headlines aloud, or discussing the nutritional value of your meal while preparing it, or introducing the family to a new style or genre of music while dining giving way to meaningful discussion and exploration, Erin’s book really puts things into perspective, especially if a change in career (voluntary or otherwise) is in the works.  Conferring with experts in the field, she talks about the entrepreneur path, managing priorities and hidden distractions like social media.  Mastering the Mommy Track outlines key points like finding your passion and flexible work options, as well as, empowering ways to propel toward professional success.  This fourth part of her book specifically talks about work/life balance with chapters for Time Management, Self-Care and Career Management although the first three sections are sure not to be overlooked.  With advice from experts on sleep deprivation, tips for rekindling romance, childcare options and stories from other moms “been there; done that” I highly recommend a cover-to-cover commitment of Mastering the Mommy Track.

You can purchase her book via Amazon by clicking here.