We greatly look forward to family game night, especially when partnered with brands such as Thames & Kosmos. We were offered a sample copy of this game for review purposes. The opinions expressed herein are strictly mine as an honest review of the game. #Sponsored  This post may contain affiliate links.

Rollers Feature Pic

Being a big Yahtzee fan, you can imagine my excitement to try this new dice game, Rollers. It has elements of Yahtzee whereby you are rolling (up to three times) to collect the most of any number on the die. There are no points for a large straight or full house.¬† Instead, one of the six die has a side that cancels your entire throw… clever little twist. The other 5 dice have a wild card side… helpful.

We found it best played with three or four players but you can play with two. Also, it says ages 8 and up but Victoria (6 years old) was able to play solo just fine after the first round or so. Game play is less than 30 mins, which makes it a great game before bedtime. Check out our video reviews for details on how the game is played and the object. You can play up to 5 players which is nice when so many games are max 4 players. Rollers is definitely at the top of Family Game Night list… and quite honestly our holiday gift giving list too. Have a peek…