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With over 40+ family game suggestions, 20+ science and STEM options, and a dozen of the best stocking learning ideas, this holiday gift guide is all about engaging the entire family and having the best time exploring and building new skills.

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Going places with your children engages them in new activities that aid them in discovering their interests and inspiring their ambition. It’s analogous to browsing for clothes. You don’t know what fits you until you try it on. Once your child discovers something that excites them…


Learning concept developed by Barbara Spalding bywhich parents areĀ  engaging and introducing educational material or subject matter utilizing a multitude of materials and media. This concept not only better engages children, but provides for enhanced retention. Suggestions may include traditional textbook, research or worksheets then coupled with art activities, video clips, in-person experience, imaginative play, and educational toys.

Layered Learning workshops, templates and lesson plans coiming soon.

Meet the team

Barbara Spalding

Barbara Spalding

Founder/Editor In Chief

Blogger, writer, mom with HR background & experience in public speaking & training, holding a passion for guiding parents to family learning opportunities outside of classroom & homework.

Victoria Spalding

Victoria Spalding


Artist, writer and aspiring interior designer with a passion for videography, theater, sewing… and kittens. Victoria is our Ambassador with experience in reviews, product shoots and interviews.

Brian Ackley

Brian Ackley

Digital Director

Screenwriter, filmmaker, and former after-school program facilitator with experience in event planning, writing lesson plans, and creating & running a range of activities & programs for elementary school kids.

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