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Little Red Profile PicFamiliar & Fun – Start your school year off with a beloved family favorite such as Little Red Riding Hood.  There are many versions available, so find the most suited one for your family or select a couple to compare.

Enhance your storytime with an indoor or outdoor picnic.

Packing a picnic theme:

1. Select a picnic basket with with a red blanket and/or napkins, of course. Perhaps even a few delectable bites in the reddish hue like cherries, red apples, red peppers and strawberries.

Little Red picnic basket

2. Pack the Little Red Riding Hood story (or stories). We’ve chosen the Barefoot Books’ Little Red Riding Hood told by Lari Don and narrated by Imelda Staunton.

Little Red Riding Hood Book

3. Bring along a couple of coloring pages or super simple crafts

Here are a couple of really cute ones that are easy to pull off:

Paper plate Little Red

Paper bag Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood Story Finger Puppets

Red Hooded Lollipops

4. Don’t forget the Smart GamesLittle Red Riding Hood puzzle game.

Little Red Riding Hood Picture Book PuzzleThis game comes with 48 challenges (24 with the wolf and 24 without the wolf accompanying Little Red). The goal is to build the path from Little Red to Granny’s house using the puzzle pieces. The challenges get harder as players advance from Starter to Expert. This deluxe puzzle set comes with a picture book of Little Red Riding Hood and has won the 2016 ASTRA Best Toys for Kids award.

Little Red Riding Hood 2

Little Red Riding Hood