Knolly Nibbles was a brand represented at Blogger Bash 2016. We were excited to be introduced to this company for this #sponsored post where we received product for review. As always, the opinions expressed herein are strictly my own.

Knolly Nibbles 2As we approach back-to-school and the frenzy of finding the perfect sneakers to match the awesome wardrobe… and listen, I have a little fashionista on my hands and a healthy respect for trendy fashion… but at the end or rather beginning of it all, our children need to feel warm and welcome just being themselves. I’m not saying skip on the fashion, its a terrific tool for self-expression but at the same time a larger message of self-contentment should ring loud.

That’s where Knolly Nibble’s story of being a tail-less mouse really fits. After searching and trying on different tails she learns she is awesome just as she is. What a wonderful way to embrace the upcoming school year. And what an awesome message to carry through the school year. Knolly Nibbles is an interactive story app, available for $2.99 this Wednesday (Aug, 17th) at the App Store.

Knolly Nibbles w Via

What’s more is that soon their will be merchandise to accompany this adorable friend and her story. Stay tuned and hop over to the App Store Wednesday for Knolly’s adventure.  You can learn more about Knoll Nibbles by visiting the website: and checking out the super cute video below.