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In our ever-changing world, I find it harder and harder to duplicate pieces of my childhood to experience with my children. Now granted my son, being in college now, is easier to relate to from that perspective. And of course, as a family, we’ll play the traditional board games of Connect 4 and Monopoly (which even Monopoly now has some 80+ variations)… but the really special moments in growing up are harder to pluck out of today’s world and experience with my daughter.

Maybe had my parents introduced more family traditions or passed down recipes… we’d have those today to bridge the gap in our childhood experiences. There were a couple of things my family regularly did as a family growing up… Saturday morning cartoons & coloring, tickling matching in the living room, cuddled story time, and driving around looking at holiday lights & displays. And while I remember reruns of MASH playing in the background at dinner… I also remember sitting down as a family to watch Little House on the Prairie. I remember feeling so connected to the show’s story, remember laughing out loud with my brother and sister, remember my dad’s anecdotes about his boyhood, and mom’s subtle manner of making family time a lesson in values.

Today, I’m excited to introduce and share the Little House memories with my daughter. And even more excited to gift her the ultimate “look-back” gift in the Laura Ingalls 18″ doll, this holiday season. This beautiful doll will be that special present from me to Victoria this year and then we can share in making our own Little House moments through play and I can share my childhood favorite t.v. show with her.  I’m just hoping I can find an old photo of me with either watching the show or reading the Little House books. The beautifully crafted Little House on the Prairie line of toys hadn’t existed then as it does now with The Queen’s Treasure. Be sure to visit The Queen’s Treasure for additional items to accompany 18″ Laura doll, including the famous covered wagon and plenty of accessories to emulate life as it was in the early 1800’s.

Aside from Little House of the Prairie being a childhood favorite to share with my daughter, I’m excited to have such an opportunity to explore the historic journey that was experienced not only by the Ingalls family but many early American families during the great pioneering era.

Let’s take a closer look at the doll itself. With bright blue eyes and a small amount of freckles, she is gorgeous. Laura comes with her parted into two braids tied off with white bows and a period-perfect white bonnet.


Laura has a soft body and hard plastic legs and arms. Her nightdress is a white eyelet gown to match her nightcap. Although I haven’t undressed her, I presume she will easily fit in our American Girl and other clothing designed for 18″ dolls. The shoes may or may not fit and that may depend of the shoe style.


This doll is packaged laying on top of her patchwork quilt, accompanied by her doll and a pillow. The sturdy box is designed to convert to a bed with the lid as a log cabin backdrop with a window. This Laura Ingalls doll and accessories can be purchased at The Queen’s Treasure or Target.com for $99.99. Other accessories, including the covered wagon, horse, and a matching child’s outfit can also be purchased at The Queen’s Treasure.  With so much history packed into each episode and so much character in each story book, it’s hard not to want more. Visit www.littlehouseontheprairie.com for craft suggestions, recipes, an historic timeline, and many more historic articles and resources. Let this doll be just the beginning of your journey back to the early frontier days of America.