Looking for an upbeat kid’s CD with a hint of more? The Cat’s Pajamas’ Backseat Driver album offers a variety of silly, dance-happy tunes.

From Drop Box

Funky Bear is a jazzy version of the Three Little Bears story and Humpty Dumpty makes it easy to sing along with traditional nursery rhymes. Driving In My Car and Just An Old Jalopy are care-free bop-along songs for fun.

Alphabet Soup is cute going through the alphabet with ingredients for soup and a nice alternative to the traditional ABC song. Building A Better World is a simple song with a strong message of community.

My two favorite tracks on this CD are “Take Time Out” and “How Many People in a Family”. “Take Time Out” holds a great message about staying in control of emotions in frustrating situations (ex: losing at baseball). Kids should have a release outlet for frustrations and this song offers a perfect backdrop for holding such proactive discussions – not that parents couldn’t use a small reminder too. I also really took to “How Many People In A Family” for a very personal reason. When my ex and I separated, I often viewed my single parent household as “broken”. And while this was heartbreaking and difficult, it wasn’t until I finally resolved that our mother-child status was in fact a complete family, were we blessed with the perfect addition to our family. Designed for children, but it sure brought me back and I wish I had come across this song many years ago, and perhaps it would have saved a couple buckets worth of tears.

The Cat’s Pajamas’ Backseat Driver CD can be purchased via Amazon or download individual songs here. Look for additional mention of their albums on Homeroom At Home.