Making everyday errands count for far more… This morning I ran to my local Post Office to pick up a letter. I intended to be in/out as quickly as possible, however, a poster with the featured stamps reminded me how long it’s been since my last visit (before Thanksgiving). I inquired about the availability of several of the stamps in the poster.

The first to catch my eye was the Civil War set. Luckily, they had this in stock. You’ll see from the picture below, that the set includes a nice narrative titled “The Civil War 1861 A Nation Touched By Fire” and features 2 stamp designs (six each) of the battles of Fort Sumter and First Bull Run both 1861. The reverse side of this stamp booklet includes a black and white fort scene and several quotes of famous Generals.

While at the counter, I inquired about other historical stamps available and was surprised to find a 20 cent stamp that features our First President. As pictured below, I only bought one and intend to keep as part of my educational toolkit on President Washington.

Although a small find, I love these educational treasures found in our everyday “to-do’s”.  It excites me to find more and more ways that I can put history into my child’s hands.  Consider taking a trip to your post office to pick up the Civil War book of stamps as an enhancement to the Homeroom At Home Civil War lesson plan.  Be sure to ask what other stamp collections are available and, as I also learned today, if they can order a particular stamp or collection on your behalf.

Enjoy your errands!