Mark getting a close look at pen & ink work.

This past spring I had the pleasure of attending a course a Wilmington University and just by chance landed in the College of Technology and College of Arts & Science building where student artwork was being displayed in the hallways.  During our break periods, I would wander up and down to check out the various pieces.  I learned of the Annual Art Exhibit and Open House via flyers posted.  My husband and I decided to check it out.

"Beach Wedding" by Allie L. Foster

The Open House was held on a Friday in March and was free to the public.  This is a perfect opportunity to introduce your school-aged children to art and particularly by student artists.  This exhibit wasn’t overwhelming which makes it ideal for a focused evening out and leaves plenty of room for open discussion without over doing it.  I highly encourage parents to check out the local college and university art programs for similar community events and open houses.  Simple, local, affordable and unexpected way to fold in an art appreciation discussion for your kids and show the up & coming artists some support.

"Black Sun" by Allie L. Foster

My favorite piece was “Beach Wedding” by Allie L. Foster.  Beautifully executed in a textured format with rich colors… wish I could have purchased this off the wall.  Ms. Foster had another eye-catching piece on display titled “Black Son”.  This grey-toned piece was very unique.

One gentleman offered a poem for display, while others replicated the Masters of Art.

Johnny M Tucker Jr Poem

A truly different piece of artwork was Susan Wolfe’s “The Pieces Fit” featuring a variety of ink patterns in a quilt-like manner.

"The Pieces Fit" by Susan Wolfe

Another favorite was Samantha Andrew’s landscape with pretty greens and pinks.  It was a calming scene to me.

Samantha Andrew

Lastly, I want to mention a beautiful photograph taken by Morgan Sweede titled “Shout” although there were numerous photographs worth mention with uniquely captured angles, lighting and editing.

"Shout" photographed by Morgan Sweede

The Wilmington University Art Exhibit was truly a treasure to find.  Parents, keep your eye out for these small gallery opportunities.  The artistic talent was amazing and it made a truly enjoyable evening out.