So we might not be quite ready to think about snow days… but this reusable Floof  “snow” is a great activity for any season.

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Floof Profile Pic

It’s the end of summer and we’ve been just a little busy with game reviews… so we’re super excited about Floof. No instructions!!  Just soft, snow-like material to shape and mold. Here we’ve been playing with the Mr. & Mrs. Snowman set which comes with  accessories to build a small family.

Floof Molding Resusable Toy
The girls really enjoyed the simple craft time. The Floof is so soft to hold and very relaxing to manipulate.

Floof Profile Pic 2

One bucket has enough to make several snowmen, but only has enough eyes, carrots for 2 figures. You can get creative with lego or barbie pieces to outfit the remaining snowmen if needed. Or use the leftover Floof to create a snow drift or snowy blanket floor.

Floof Reusable Molding Toy

As a mom, I must mention how simple the clean up was. After the girls put all the pieces and Floof into the bucket, I just took a wet paper towel to the play area and that’s how easy it was. I will mention though, that because Floof is water soluble make sure children have dry, clean hands when playing. Otherwise it gets a bit sticky (just wash hands and dry to resume play).

Floof Profile Pic 2