#Sponsored post whereby we were given a complimentary copy of Riddle Cube from Educational Insights and SweetSuite 2015 for review. The opinions expressed herein and in the video are strictly our own.


Riddle Cube

If you are looking for a unique and challenging game… Riddle Cube by Educational Insights is definitely worth your attention.

Check out our video review of Riddle Cube below.

Here’s what we liked:

1. It can be played solo OR with up to four players. (Love games you can play by yourself.)

2. Riddle Cube encourages team play.

3. Unique hands-on game… very different from strategy or trivia games and great for those who thrive with building or working with their hands.

4. NO set up. No clean up.Riddle Cube

5. Little instructions… just dive in and play. (Love that for short attention spans.)

6. Riddle Cube has the potential to be a hysterical party game… I can’t wait to play this with my best friend and her kids. Any game is fun at their place and this one is sure to be a contorting, twisting laugh riot.

7. Did we mention how easy it is to get started? How easy it is to clean up? Oh and the sturdy packaging… love the cube concept, cards stay contained inside box, doesn’t take much shelf space.

Now here’s what we weren’t as fond of…

1. Riddle Cube took a little while to get used to the game concept… even with the instructions. Tension cords and some rods are deemed “invisible” to the design as you pull them to create the geometric shapes.

2. We were afraid of breaking the tension cords. It felt awkward to twist the pieces into the shapes.

3. 60 seconds is too much time for the easy ones and not enough time for the challenging cards.

Now, I will say this… as we demonstrated the game on camera, the concept and feel for the cubes suddenly became more comfortable. The original awkwardness of the tension lines became easier to work with. Maybe it was the difference of one cube versus another or perhaps it was a matter of “breaking in” the game and tension cords. Either way, game play was more comfortable and enjoyable the second time around.

Riddle CubeAnd here’s another personal suggestion or idea… and please note that I have no formal education or training in this area. In my experience, children who experience difficulty in concentration or containing energy while doing homework, benefit greatly from a short but active break. For instance, if my child has 15 math problems but is struggling at any point to keep confidence up, sit still or stay focused, I would have him take a break (a snack, literally run around the house (outside) or switch subjects. I would not hesitate to use Riddle Cube as an ice breaker or mid-homework break. I think having this hands-on activity handy would be a great homework tool. It is simple to pull out and even having the child do one or two puzzles would break up the homework tasks just enough without delaying or procrastinating the task at hand. I personally suggest Riddle Cube for your homework tool kit.