April 11, 2015 is International Tabletop Day, a globally recognized event whereby encouraging people to gather to play board games, dice games, card games – you know, tabletop games.

We are hosting our first #Tabletopday event in our South Jersey home. For tickets and information on this community event, please register here.  This is a FREE event, perfect for families and folks of all ages. Some of the games available at our event include classics like Life, Sorry and Connect 4, in addition to cooperative games such as Mermaid Island and Forbidden Island. Games for younger ones include Rush Hour, Busy Time and Monopoly Junior. We have a large selection of games for teens/adults that includes Ascension, SKOSH, Munchkin, Gloom and many more. The pre-teen crowd might appreciate the DVD interactive games we will have available (Atmos-Fear and Pirates of the Caribbean). Truly something for everyone.

Again if interested, please register via http://www.eventbrite.com/e/homeroom-at-home-international-tabletop-day-tickets-16408479203 for this FREE event.

International Tabletop Day is a globally recognized event by which people gather to participate in and celebrate tabletop games. International Tabletop Day was founded three years ago and can be further explored at http://TabletopDay.com.

For other local International Tabletop Day events, please visit their official website at http://TabletopDay.com/find-event. Events are being held all over and we highly encourage participation as it gives you an opportunity to try a game you haven’t seen or to test-drive one you had your eye out for. International Tabletop Day allows for interaction with other players… and sometimes games require teams or multi-players – and well, here’s your opportunity. We look forward to being introduced to a game that we didn’t know was on the market and personally… I appreciate having someone show me the set up and basics of a game vs having to comb through the instructions (and sometimes those instruction manuals can be something of a novel). All great advantages to International Tabletop Day.

*Disclosure: We were afforded the opportunity to review SKOSH from Goldbrick Games. We were not compensated for this review and all the information contained above is strictly our own opinion. Thank you, Goldbrick Games for a trivia game that I actually have a shot at winning against my “trivia junky” husband. We really enjoyed playing and looking forward to featuring this team-based game at our International Tabletop Day event.