Guest post by Greg Wolbert

A Review of Percy Jackson & the Olympians, a graphic novel by Rick Riordan


Percy Jackson & The Olympians Vol 1-3

Have you ever had an obstacle that seemed to be impassable no matter what way you approached the situation? Well that is exactly how Percy Jackson feels every day of his life. Percy has never been very intelligent, nor popular, or even liked by most of his classmates. Percy’s only true friend is Grover, a physically handicapped but extremely loyal pal. Its not only Percy’s classmates who distaste him, but many of his teachers despise him as well. The only one of Percy’s teachers who understands what he is going threw is Mr. Brunner. The reason why Percy has trouble in school is because he has dyslexia and ADD. To top it all off, Percy’s mom lives with a guy who treats her like garbage. He hates Percy and Percy despises him in return.

Percy’s adventures begin during what should be a normal class field trip to the local museum. The class was learning about Greek mythology and unbeknown to Percy, he was suddenly thrown into a Greek godly world. The story continue by introducing different Greek Mythological creatures and characters. The setting is placed in a Greek Mythological land called Camp Half-Blood, a camp for demigods. The setting includes training arenas, Pegasus’ stables, forges, and even an intentionally deadly obstacle course. Percy’s friends (a teacher Mr. Brunner and Grover) are there as well, but not as Percy is use to them. Grover turns out to be a Sater, or a half goat man. Mr. Brunner reveals himself as Chiron, fabled centaur and son of Chronos. But, to Percy’s dismay, his mother has vanished, with whom he is later reunited. Some of the gods and creatures mentioned are: Zeus, Dionysus, Athena, Hermes, Chiron, Poseidon, and Hades. Percy learns of his godly father – which we won’t reveal here. Percy begins making friends and together they face extreme tales of adventure, action and courage. Through-out the series, readers are introduced to new characters, one of which turns out to be a traitor, betraying the group’s trust and another as Percy’s brother.

The group learn that the magical barrier that protects Camp Half-Blood was slowly deteriorating. This becomes the basis for the second book. Someone had poisoned the magic tree that provided the barrier and the group of friends make it their mission to restore the camp’s protective barrier.


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