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Math is NOT a “necessary evil”.

While mathematics are essential… and definitely can present the trickiest of equations, it is in no way evil. As parents, we have to encourage our children to view math as a series of puzzles or challenges instead of a chore or a bore. And yes, of course, there will be those moments of tough love, urging our children to just push through 40 problems of practice work… but when you look at mathematics in a bigger picture, with a healthy respect and perspective… suddenly it feels less burdensome and far more manageable… and dare I say FUN!


Math? Fun? How? Where do we find this magical math?

I’m not even sure how or when I got Pocket Posh Mazematics but they are available on Amazon, in several variations, as well as, through the publisher, Andrews McMeel Publishing. Pocket Posh Mazematics are pocket-sized puzzle books of mathematical mazes. As you work your way around the maze, you are calculating the equations. For a maze lover, like me, Pocket Posh Mazematics is quite entertaining without being a chore or overwhelming. Obviously this math exercise is designed for older math, whereas yesterday’s measurement game, How Tall Am I was geared for the younger mathmagicians running in our circles.


I love that it pops into the front pouch of a bookbag for easy access and travel, or your purse or slide it in the pocket behind the front seats of your vehicle. Convenient, non-overbearing challenges held together in a super cute patterned notebook-like cover. Perfect for stocking stuffers too.