Thank you Schafer Sports Center for facilitating a tour and activity day for bloggers. We were compensated for this review post, although the opinions expressed herein are strictly my own.


In a world where children’s sports are so competitive, Schafer Sports Center’s new approach is oh-so refreshing.  Jonathon Schafer, CEO describes Schafer Sports as “all about education”.  He says, “Our goal is to build kids’ self esteem and instill the life lesson that learning is fun. We believe that it’s an honor to be able to work with kids and help guide them in being healthy and happy. That’s why we put children first and sports second.” From the moment Victoria and I entered the property it was evident that this was Schafer’s mission. We were invited to a blogger preview where we had the opportunity to experience many of the sports activities first-hand.



Schafer Sports Center IS the place to write home about. As a mom who had a terrible, terrifying experience at one of those “gyms”, I can tell you my first instinct is to assess the competency of staff members. Safety is important but that means much more than updated equipment… it means having staff that are trained, attentive and passionate about what they do. Schafer Sports Center hires specialized trainers in each area of recreation. In other words, the yoga instructor doesn’t just fill in for the soccer coaches. This goes a long way to ensuring my confidence when putting my child in their hands and 30 seconds in each sports, I could tell I was working with true professionals. Nothing feels better than that.

Secondly, I took notice of the facility. It was very well designed, organized, clean and well equipped. The pool area had plenty of pool activities, two small slides and the largest rafts I’ve ever seen. Speaking of the pool area, the changing room had oversized cubbies for towels, bags, shoes and a second set of cubbies in the pool area.  (And I must mention that the showers – those encouraged before swim but usually avoided due to cold water – gave a refreshing warm rinse before and after swim time.) Everything from impressive lighting to ample room in their party space, an open floor plan and private rooms for relaxed yoga instruction… Schafer Sports Center has it all covered.


Schafer Sports Center started as Schafer’s Gymnastics back in 1988. In 2001, the Special Needs program was launched and then in 2003 owners Jonathon and Shannon Schafer decide to build Schafer Sports Center. In 2014 funding was finalized and July 2015 they break ground in Ewing, NJ. One year later, July 2016, Schafer’s is open for business.



With a full line up for sports and activities here are the highlights:

Soccer – Private training, summer camp training, team development and specific skill level groups

Gymnastics – Toddler/Preschool Classes, Girls/Boys Training & Teams, Tumbling

Swim & Stroke Clinics – Stroke training (7:1 ratio), Swim Classes (4:1 ratio) for infants +

Dance as partnered with The Dance Network for Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Musical Theater and Hip Hop

Family Yoga


Project Unified – children with and without disabilities train and play together

Special Olympics




Well, who doesn’t love a warm pool and toasty changing room? Wow – bonus. And if that’s not enough… no chlorine pool aroma. NONE!! State-of-the-art pool filtration system ensures the cleanest water without the excess chemicals.

Schafer Sports Center offers birthday party options… again tumbles, drills and swim with professional staff. I was so impressed with the organization of our two hour blogger event. In just these 2 hours, our children participated in yoga, had a gymnastic session to include repeat obstacles, trampoline games, and several trapeze swing turns (which, by the way, was the BEST part of the entire experience per Victoria). Then the children had soccer drills, more obstacles and soccer games, followed by yoga and swimming. Plus the children did a craft with staff while parents took a facility tour. AND… this two hour period afforded time for breakfast in the beginning and concluded with lunch. WOW – in just 2 hours and needless to say, Victoria was pooped and slept well that night. Each hand-off was seamless from one activity to the next.  Highly, highly recommend this venue for parties. wow wow wow.