Photo Credit: Nellie Hewitt

Photo Credit: Nellie Hewitt

If you are looking for a unique family experience, trust the Harlem Globetrotters to entertain, amaze and humor you and your whole family.  Even for those less sports enthusiastic, the Harlem Globetrotters has an appeal. Here are ten things to know prior to game day for the Harlem Globetrotters

1. Be prepared to get your groove on.  I had not expected to dance and shake it in my seat so much.  Very energetic. Very contagious.

2. Keep an eye out for the mascots… there were a couple and they were surprisingly some of the best parts of the show.  Fully engaging.

3. Don’t be late… even 5 mins might be cause to be pulled onto the court to tell time.  Just Saying!!!

4. If you booked front row seats – be prepared for some front row action and surprises.

5. Harlem Globetrotters show is for everyone… something to appeal to all audience members.

6. Expect to be amazed with their athleticism and tricks.  They work hard and it shows.

7. Prepare to be glued to your seat with all the entertainment and constant action.  This is a highly interactive show and you’ll want to wait for intermission for the snacks.

8. Prepare to be plucked from the audience.  We saw numerous people just plucked from their seats for pranks, games, etc.  No seat is safe… but of course the closer to the court the greater likelihood of being selected.

9. Keep your eye on the ball, and well, flying tee-shirts and other giveaways being chucked into the audience.  They’ve got those slingshot things, so again no seat is safe. Just saying.

10. Come with a sense of humor.  These guys are funny – their stunts, jokes, pranks… just a laugh-out-loud kinda show.

Bonus 11:  The Harlem Globetrotters hold 30 minutes after the game for autographs.  Prepare for the autograph session by having something for them to sign, buy tickets closest to the court and be prepared to join the crowded court immediately following the game.  (Parents, we found it best to stay put in our high seats and watch the children go down and get in line… just be sure to let the ushers know you are keeping an eye out for your kids so they know not to rush you out.)