Every now and then you come across something that surprises you. That’s how I feel about the game How Tall Am I? by Jax.  It’s simple… maybe too simple and perhaps that one of the main things that attracts me to this game. This game is perfect for back to school season in that it offers great value hidden behind the fun of building silly characters.


With heads and hats and shoes and mid-sections, participants are basically constructing a person based on their roll of the die. Then they guess how tall they think their character is. That’s it. They measure each piece earned and add or estimate the total height. This game is adored by Victoria and let’s be honest… how often are we coming across ways to teach or reinforce measurement? It’s so nice to be able to visually explain an inch and half inch. Fractions are tricky and How Tall Am I? gives a realistic use of fractions in such a way that our children not only get it but have fun learning about them. Win/Win.


This is a terrific game for older and younger siblings to play together. It is an easy “off-the-shelf” game where you open the box and start playing. Minimum set up. Minimum clean up. You can pick up a copy for as little as $13 on Amazon. Here’s my affiliate link to How Tall Am I? on Amazon.