Giveaways, Gift Guides and great product reviews don’t just fall from the sky. Behind the scenes, Homeroom At Home is working hard to build relationships with brands to provide these opportunities. It is always a pleasure to partner with well-known brands like VTech and USAopoly for the perfect learning toy reviews and equally exciting to find newer or niche business to surprises us with excellent education enhancements. I’m going to highlight many of these finds from Blogger Bash below but, the point is, an investment in Blogger Bash is essential for our progression. This is an investment we take seriously – although having an amazingly playful time.

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This year’s Blogger Bash festivities found themselves on a yacht – The Majesty Yacht at Pier 81 in Manhattan. A separate space was reserved for some conference activities at eSpace (also near the Pier). All of the accommodation were topnotch, but can i just say that stepping onto the yacht and into the main deck felt absolutely breathtaking!!  I could have spent an additional 2-3-4 days on this boat… it was gorgeous! And I felt like royalty.

Care Bears BrunchIn true Blogger Bash style, we kicked things off with a sweet #ShareYourCare Care Bear Breakfast. As a Care Bear Ambassador, we’ve pledged to not only share our care but encourage others to do the same. The concept might sound silly or juvenile… but a genuine smile costs nothing and offers so much in return. There are so many ways to embrace this movement. Get inspired with their Care Bear & Cousins series on Netflix.Blogging Concentrated

My favorite part of Blogger Bash this year was the Blogging Concentrated 5 hour session where we dug into the many details of improving our marketing, brand, relationships, analytics, content and so much more. This was the secret sauce.  Concentrated sessions such as this, really give professional bloggers the edge in improving services for readers and relationships with business partners. Homeroom At Home is very excited to put these tidbits of new knowledge to use for better experiences, information and collaborations. There is so much to look forward to.

#SweetSuite was the place to be for building brand relationships with the folks that make the most sense for Homeroom At Home. We want to bring you to coolest tech toys, reading resources, learning devices and the hottest education games that captivate the family. Sweet Suite is that hot spot! Look for lots of updates with regards to the brands we met and toys we played with at (and from) Sweet Suite, including this cute, little Grossery Gang video by my Godson:

We ran into some favorite brands like Just Play, Lego and Hexbug, while finding some cool new ones (ok, maybe new to us) like Miraculous, ArcKit, Auldey Toys and Magic MeeMees!!  Many brands provide for creative play, while some have a direct link to education… it all depends on what you are tying to accomplish and how your child engages in activities and play. Here are our top favorite toys from Blogger Bash, including Babypalooza, Sweet Suite, Shop Ireland & NPE Expo.

Learning ToysToys for FunTech ToysWe want to offer continue to offer the best resources (yes, toys are some of THE best tools) to enhance your child’s natural curiosity and academic path. We look forward to bringing you more and more homework solutions, learning toys and family-friendly activities. Be sure to subscribe to our website here for updates as they come in. We will have some pretty awesome giveaways in the near future and through the upcoming holiday season… and who wants to miss freebies?

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I couldn’t be more impressed with all that Blogger Bash puts out. Year over year, they continue to out do themselves.

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A peek into the past…

“So what does any of this have to do directly with you… my parental audience? Working with sponsors and networking among peers is essential in growing our business. And while many of the reviews are not currently sponsored, working with sponsored brands will enable us to get more and/or better information to you. The time spent networking among other bloggers afforded me many ideas AND know-how on things like running better giveaways and issuing holiday guides, newsletters and surveys. I’m equally excited about the these conversations as I was in speaking with the brands.

Equipped with great connections, fabulous friends that double as social media/tech experts, and creative content… we’re ready for the next chapter. I hope you are too.” Me 2015

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