So a quick run through the drive-in at Burger King turned out to provide more than a cheeseburger kid’s meal.  Their kid’s meals come in a cardboard recyclable container with lots of educational tid bits… let’s take a closer look.  Of course you have the crown, a detachable piece and then lid becomes a ring toss game using the crown.  The rings are focused on bringing awareness to the Environment, Wildlife and Education.  It’s a simple game with a very simple design but the idea that Science and Educational Awareness are included in a kid’s meal thrills me.  This was such an unexpected opportunity when I pulled my car around and ordered.  Just goes to show that there are more and more ways to engage our children educationally.  Let’s face it, kid’s meal boxes are advertizement for children with colorful graphics, games, puzzles and riddles and I was very pleased to see Burger King embrace the opportunity to reach children concerning these important topics.

BK Crown Kids Meal

AND it goes far beyond the BOX – Burger King is empowering kids to choose between these three causes (Environment, Wildlife and Education) and cast a vote as to how BK Crown should allocate a pre-established donation fund (click to learn how it works).  BK Crown is not soliciting donations but instead asking that families vote (with the code made available on the inside cover of a kid’s meal).  When you visit the website and choose “Give Back” these topics are available for further exploring…with pictures and videos and explanations on why each are of great importance.  Links are provided to the National Parks Conservation Association, and Wildlife Conservation SocietyBK Crown provides this in a kid-friendly manner with interactive features to truly engage our children on real world issues.

We know toys and games are included in the Kid’s Meals, and puzzles and word-finds on the box itself and then there are more online puzzles and games to check out.  Not anything I found special.  The emphasis should be focused on the Environment, Wildlife and Education causes, further exploring each and the ways families can support them.  And further emphasis should be placed on the idea that children have a voice – have a vote.

Please note that BKC or BK Crowns has not sponsored this article.  These are my own thoughts and opinion as I drove through and ordered a simple kid’s meal and took the time to read the packaging and explore their online resources and voting program.  I was not compensated for this post.