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We’re almost returning to the never-ending school projects, book reports and group assignments that Back to School brings. Yay! NOT. Even for someone who really gets into the differing projects… it can be a lot of work and money pulling them together. Sometimes you just need down to Earth activities that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Free would be nicer yet. Jamie Dorobek’s book C.F.A.F.T. is very helpful when we’re needing inspiration for these school projects. Using everyday items like Q-Tips and shoelaces, she offers 100 craft ideas that can be done on a shoestring budget. C.R.A.F.T. stands for Creating Really Awesome FREE Things. Does it get better than that???

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The fall brings more than returning to school. Any Scout parent knows that. Well, this handy craft idea book, provides plenty of resourceful ideas to be created at the camp site, meeting house or even down by shore for those late summer vacationers. Check out these adorable toilet paper tube critters:

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A couple of my favorite crafts include the Peacock from page 60 and the Paper Plate Owl on page 20. Of course the watch is a great craft for parents assisting their kids in telling time. All good stuff. In fact I’ve got the materials ready for our Girl Scout meeting to make the Egg Carton Flowers from page 54 and the fall leaves on page 58.

With badges designed around learning about animals and Science classes focused on environment, habitat and animal classification, the many animal projects in this resource could be beneficial. Fun crafting made really easy with step by step instructions with pictures.

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My favorite part of this resource is the misc trivia that pops up on many pages, providing educational insight while you craft or peruse the book. Any good resource will have a great indexing feature… here you will find the Table Of Contents utilized in a rather unique fashion in that Jamie Dorobek itemized projects by the rooms in which you will find the supplies. For example bathroom for Q-Tips or garage for golf balls. Brilliant.