Bruce Springsteen Exhibit At the National Constitution Center, Philadelphia

Come explore the “From Asbury Park To The Promised Land; The Life and Music of Bruce Springsteen” exhibit at the National Constitution Center as a temporary but extraordinary showcase. This must see time capsule includes clips of Springsteen’s early music with the band “The Castiles”. Other early exhibit pieces include the band’s scrapbook and record labels. Following the exhibit space through Bruce’s personal collection of belongings tells many stories of the Americans people. Many songs are centered around specific events, like the September 11 attacks or life during the Vietnam War. Album after album, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band tell one compelling story after another, even if it is the everyday story of the everyday working class family. That is their charm; their legacy. With artifacts ranging from clothing pieces to concert photos and the large guitar collection, there is something for everyone to reflect on.

As for me, well, if I’m being totally honest, I’d have to admit prior to admission, I didn’t know much about Springsteen’s music or his political views or have the ability to even name more than a handful of his songs. I knew my father, John, could of course. My Dad related well to many of Springsteen’s themes and loves his unique and raspy rock & roll style. I’m glad I asked my Dad to join me. While we toured the exhibit, I got to glance back in time to things that mattered to my father’s generation. While my childhood concerns included learning to ride a bike and cutting gum out of my hair, Springsteen was writing about the working people of America and the everyday struggles they faced; my parents included. Never had I appreciated all this more than walking side by side with my father, reliving some memories and experiencing others for the first time. Springsteen’s talent with words and music simply transcends generations as well as, backgrounds, race and industry. His music simply speaks of the people and it was ever-so fitting that this exhibit sits at the National Constitution Center in historic Philadelphia.

Bruce Springsteens 1960 Chevrolet Corvette

On my tour, I was the child with my parent, learning and appreciating new things around every corner. As a parent, I encourage you to embrace the beauty of Springsteen’s musical ability to tell a story, open our hearts and actually teach a thing or two to your children. The exhibit held several interactive features including musical videos, a trivia game centered around major historical events that he wrote and sung about, musical clips of his earlier performances and his Oscar for “Streets Of Philadelphia”. His “Born In The USA” album cover outfit is available on showcase as well as, many other interesting and engaging items. Be sure to take an extra moment to reflect on the lyrics which are blown up from his original notepad to poster size.

A fantastic addition to a fabulously interactive historical museum. While visiting, be sure to stop by the popular “Six Word Memoir” and “Signers’ Hall”. Inside the main exhibit, you’ll find fascinating facts about our nation’s governing roots and our founding fathers’ struggles to create and sustain the government that is still in existence today. The National Constitution Center offers many hands-on activities, lectures, interactive displays and tools for education. Be sure to pick up the fold-out worksheet on Bruce Springsteen, as it ties his musical legacy to our nation’s constitution in an easy to understand manner. The worksheet has activities for your child to think through while taking in the exhibits, both the main floor and Springsteen exhibits. Additionally, the brochure titled “From Darkness To A Dream” features some of the photography of Danny Clinch and Frank Stefanko as they capture Springsteen’s journey in an artistic manner. Art is available on display in the exhibits and reproductions available for sale through the Morrison Hotel Gallery. And something as simple as the visitor’s guide has a couple of quick tips under the “Top 10” section… for a quick review/highlight.


Enter here for multiple entries to win a family four pack. The family four pack includes admission to the National Constitution Center, live performance of “Freedom Rising”, Signers’ Hall, and “From Asbury Park To The Promised Land; The Life and Music Of Bruce Springsteen” temporary* exhibit. (*Please note this exhibit is open now until September 3, 2012.) Be sure to leave a comment with your favorite Springsteen song and its significance to you.  Giveaway entries open until July 18, 2012.  Winner will be announced via email and must respond within 3 days to remain eligible.

The National Constitution Center is located at 525 Arch Street, Independence Mall, Philadelphia, PA 19106.  Visit their website at for more information, educational tools and museum store items.

In full disclosure, I had been offered a pair of complementary admission tickets to experience the Bruce Springsteen exhibit and tour the National Constitution Center. The ideas and opinions expressed here are solely mine. I was not compensated further for this review.