Partnered with The Franklin Institute, we are excited to offer insight into Lost Egypt. While they compensated us with admission to Lost Egypt, the opinions expressed herein are strictly mine. #Sponsored #Terrific

Hands On Learning collage

You may have seen our social postings raving about Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science… but seriously, NOW is the time if you haven’t made it to the exhibit. Lost Egypt closes Aug 28th. Let’s take a look at what makes this Franklin Institute exhibit stand out.

Well, first of all, how can you decline an opportunity for a selfie with a camel? Hop on up and be transported to a different place and time.

say cheese

Experience the physics of building a pyramid.


Then give it a try on the model pyramid exhibit. There’s a little surprise buried in the center… just a little something to peak your child’s curiosity.

Egypt pyramid model

Decoding hieroglyphics feels more like a puzzle than learning. Go figure… or figures.


Whoop – there’s that selfie again. This camel just can’t get enough.


We don’t want to give away all of the surprises but let’s just put it out there that this is an incredible opportunity to actually experience Ancient Egypt; reconstruct ancient pottery (plastic replicas, of course), put your critical thinking skills to work with an archaeological dig, and yes… get a close up look at an actual mummy tomb, while learning the story of  “Annie”, the 17 year-old girl preserved inside.

This is sure to be an exciting experience for the whole family. And while we are on the topic of Egyptian exploration and mummies, be sure to check out the Penn Museum’s exhibits and live artifact lab. Jewels, mummies, hieroglyphic language, pyramids… what about Ancient Egypt has you intrigued? We’d love to hear your story in the comments section.