Veroncia Steck My Letters From SantaIt is the time of year for traditions and nothing beats the heartfelt kind.  Kids everywhere are writing out their Christmas wishlists and some might actually write a little more (like an apology, for example).  Obviously this is a great opportunity for parents to engage their children in a little creative writing – telling Santa about their proudest accomplishment or largest challenge.  Click below for my video review on an awesome holiday tool to even further engage your child’s writing skills (not to mention a beautiful keepsake tradition to be enjoyed for years to come).

Veronica Christine Steck’s Heartfelt Letters from Santa is an amazing, creative gift of words from Santa to your child year after year to capture the warmth of the holiday spirit, to acknowledge his/her challenging efforts, showcase the cool stuff and keep childhood memories and the Christmas magic close at heart forever.  The 2 book program includes a journal (red) with blank pages for Santa’s letters to be written and The Parent
‘s Guide (green) with helpful suggestions on what to write, how to introduce the concept to your family and answers to many of kids’ curiosities.  Ten chapters to guide you through a tradition that you can stick to; ten chapters to help you capture the joy of Christmas through this new tradition.

Heartfelt Letters from Santa to You can be purchased via Amazon for $34.95 and additional journals (it is suggested that each child have their own for personal messages and keepsake) can be purchased separately at their website: for $15.95.

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary 2 book set for review and FELL IN LOVE with this idea.  The article is otherwise not compensated and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own.  I very much look forward to starting this tradition and especially appreciate the guidebook to help me through the writer’s block.