Somewhere between the birthday parties, homework, errands, and laundry we want to enjoy watching our children develop, play and explore. Especially if you have more than one child, the whirlwind of parenting sweeps us up and from one day to the next we might not be able to account for our “quality time”. And that’s where NEST comes in… an indoor play and activity center focusing on a large variety of enrichment and family programs. And while we will further explore this in just a moment, I want to point out that Nest isn’t just another indoor soccer field, arcade or YMCA but a total parent package find. Nest offers the following conveniences: a snack cafe, stroller parking, handicap access to lower level and nursing area, as well as, salon services in a kid-friendly environment and soon to be added photography. They host birthday parties and special events, as well as, a whole calendar of enrichment classes. This three story facility has it all, including a gorgeous chic shoppe and a WiFi accessible lounge.

Now if that doesn’t leave you drooling let me tell you about the classes. Broken into nine categories, Nest offers something for everyone… starting with newborns to approx age 7. Sports, cooking, art, music, enrichment, yoga, swim and movement with a couple of combo classes mixed in – who could ever get bored? Their classes run in twelve week sessions with the fall session beginning the week of September 10th and ending Saturday, December 8th with a make-up week December 10th -15th. Costs and schedule can be found on their website but since everyone loves bargains and flexibility… let me share this recent change:  NEST Family Movement class (held on Saturdays at 10 AM) has been reduced to $200 for the 12 week program AND will be offered as a “drop in” class for those families with otherwise busy weekends. The drop in rate is $20 and offers the flexibility to come to class as available instead of committing to the entire session. Either way – an amazing deal. A little more about this class: it is intended for family participation with children up to age 7. “Walkers, runners and jumpers will all enjoy high-energy activities that challenge their bodies and tickle their minds.” Using balls, parachutes, ramps and more expect to move and groove with this one. Please note, since they are mid-session, all programs are pro-rated. For more information please visit Nest’s website here or call 215-545-6378.

We had a wonderful time at our cooking demonstration and you can catch a glimpse of our afternoon activities with our short video. Via and I joined several other families to play upstairs and in the lower play space. We made delicious apple cream cheese filled tortillas with a watermelon mint smoothy. Oh so yummy. Our playdate was scheduled before the fall class session began so we had the extra privilege of romping around on the soft gym equipment that would otherwise we used for various movement classes. As you can see from our pictures and video, we had a fantastic time and will be visiting regularly.

Disclosure: We were invited to a preview event including a cooking demonstration, given a complimentary session and a facility tour. Via is enrolled in the Me and My Little Sous Chef.