Valentines Day Handmade CardsWith Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we decided to make our own Valentine’s Day cards this year.  Sure I was tempted to just buy them at the dollar store but I thought since my daughter likes doing crafts, we should make hand-made Valentine’s Day cards… especially since her Valentine’s will only include a couple of cousins and 5 Sunday school friends.  This was manageable and was going to be cute.  So I found scrapbooking paper that I was done with – you know the pieces that just keep getting passed over for projects, plus a couple of complimenting sheets.  The plan was simple… to not over-think any piece of it and make it as fun and easy as possible for an almost 4 year old.  Success.  We loaded the paper and just made a bunch of cut-outs. (Hint – ugly paper isn’t so bad when it is only accessory size.)  We had NO plan – just lots of cut out… whatever looked cool and Valentine’s like.  Then (later when her interest reappeared) we just assembled.  We had fun because there was no stress.

The Playdoh crafts were on the spot gift ideas one day while she was messing with her Playdoh.  She was mixing her colors like any 3 year old and we just decided to spell Daddy and Mommom for gifts.  We let it harden and glued the pieces.  Simple and very age appropriate.

Valentines Day Handmade Cards