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Truckerton Food_Beer Fest

20150815_140935_resized(1)Every year for the past several years, we’ve been fortunate enough to experience something different at the Tuckerton Seaport & Bayman’s Museum.  Make no mistake that their is plenty to experience without the festivals but here we want to share the highlights of the most recent Tuckerton Seaport festival: Truckerton Food Truck & Craft Beer Fest. With over 20 food and beverage vendors… there was certainly something for everyone. From crepes and waffles to spingrolls and beef brisket… come on who wouldn’t have an amazing shove.your.face good time?  (Caution: Please be sure to drink plenty of fluids… these trucks put out some heat and standing under the sun in line… can kinda melt you. Seriously.)

Since it was just me and the little one, I really only had MY hands20150815_123312_resized to work with… seriously who wants to chance dropping a $14 lobster sandwich? So here’s a quick tip: bring a shallow box that you can carry all your yum-yum in while you go from one truck to another before settling on your blanket or whatever. Oh yeah that lobster sandwich on a melted butter roll… #Amaze and here’s a pic.

20150815_142326_resizedThere is so much education packaged into a trip to Tuckerton Seaport and you can read our earlier reviews the lighthouse, boathouse and Pirate Festival for a glimpse of all that is offered but regarding the Truckerton Food Festival, parents can highlight global cuisine like Jamaican, Italian, Polish, and others. Food festivals like this become a wonderful way to sneak in a little summer learning since everything is so tasty… or disgusting… but either way it’s educational.

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20150815_121822_resizedWe made a day of this event between all the good eats, the boardwalk along the water and miniature golf. We had plenty to keep us entertained. I even squeezed in a little nap. You see, after sizing up the food trucks and grabbing our first sample, we set out to find a small patch of shade… which we did behind a row of trucks. Since we packed our “Mom’s Tote Of Awesome” we had some low key things to do while we enjoyed being outside, stretched out on our blanket. I got a few minutes to snooze while Victoria colored and played with a new game, Riddle Cube.

So what did we nosh on?  Well, clearly we’re not food bloggers 20150815_120719_resizedcuz we forgot to snap pics of the yumminess except for the lobster above and the 1/2 drank cherry lemonade. Oops – you’ll just have to take our word it was all super yummy. Love this pic of Joey Fortman, Real Mom Media… I did say to stay hydrated. LOL

Anyway, our list of munchies included THE amazing spudwich by 1 Potato Two (a hollowed out potato filled with a choice of traditional sandwich items like cheese steak and turkey/cheese). We had the cheese steak version and I so badly wanted to get another for the road… but there was so much more to consider before declaring a favorite. HOT DOG – it isn’t a party without a good hot dog, right? Well Victoria certainly felt that way and hopped in line for Vito’s Hot Dogs all by herself. The cashier had to meet her around the back of the truck to hand it to her. She was very pleased with her purchase. Shore Shake whipped up some creamy milkshakes for us: chocolate, of 2015-08-22 13.22.56course and peaches and cream for the little miss. And yes, we sucked them down without getting a photo too. Waffles topped with Godiva chocolate, raspberry drizzle and fresh strawberries… how Victoria resisted this, I’ll never know. It was superb. And lastly we tasted a savory pierogi dish with rice and pork from Pompier Pierogi Flats.


BUT if you missed this festival… no worries. Tuckerton Seaport & Baymen’s Museum holds many events through out the year, in fact they have several events booked for the remainder of the summer like a concert, an antique car show, a boat show, a couple Farmer’s Market days and then the October event I’m waiting for: Haunted Seaport with live music, crafts, haunted boat rides and so much more. Grab your tickets here for Oct 22-24.

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